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New Website

So it appears that my experiment with using WordPress as a portfolio site has failed. As a blog site I think it’s great, but not for what I wanted when … Continue reading

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Bone Knight

I started drawing this female knight and when I got to her arm I realized it was a boring pose so to spice it up I gave her a bone … Continue reading

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Kimono Gaze

Just in time for Valentine’s day, a brush pen drawing done as a gift for my fiance’. I’m very happy with how this turned out.

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Troll Mage Sketch

A character design where the idea was to have a troll-like character who is a mage and uses two enchanted clubs as magic wands for casting spells. She also enjoys … Continue reading

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Hime Alice Sketch

Sketch of Alice from an upcoming comic project, “Unintentionally Alice.” Just her admiring a new outfit she’s put together. Pencil on sketchbook paper.

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Vanishing Man

(originally posted on blogspot on January 12th) I remember a few months ago seeing some illustrations, I think they were art deco in style, where there was a solid black … Continue reading

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2013 Art in Review

(originally posted on blogspot) Decided to follow suite with Jingles and post my own 2013 art summery. It feels like ages since I’ve done any prop making but I’m hoping … Continue reading

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Opening Ceremonies

Greetings! I am Francesca Rowan. I’m a comic artist, illustrator, and fashion enthusiast. Currently I am attempting to carve out a nice little corner of internet space here with this … Continue reading

February 13, 2014 · 1 Comment

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